Unlocking Africa’s Potential: The relationship between effective governance and poverty

Date: December 19, 2017
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The impact of more effective governance on poverty reduction

Firstly, this research aims to demonstrate the impact of more effective governance on poverty reduction. The priority of the Sustainable Development Goals is to improve human development outcomes. At the heart is poverty reduction.

The first target is to eradicate extreme poverty for all people. Goal 16 introduces a framework for improving governance. Thus the research compares the effect of improved governance to the reduction of poverty realised by other SDG targets. Hence the elimination of certain communicable diseases and access to better sanitation.

This is African Futures Paper 21 of 2016. It compares progress under the MDGs and shows that too little opinion was paid to governance issues.

Author: Donnenfeld, Z. and Aucoin, C.
ISBN: 1026-0404
Publisher: Institute for Security Studies
Edition: paper 21
Year of Publication: 2016