Against Neo Liberalism: Gender Democracy and Development

Date: October 1, 2009
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For those who have shared the collective experience of oppression, exclusion and discrimination simply because of their sex, class, colour or caste; and a history of imperial domination-colonial, neo-colonial and what is currently labeled globalisation, democracy means more than a multiparty political system and holding regular elections. For these people, global protests (such as those which took place in Seattle, Davos, Doha and elsewhere) indicates that peoples power is not a dead concept; that an alternative world is indeed possible through organised struggles of the oppressed people worldwide. This book documents the reflections, debates and struggles against neo-liberal policies, through the work undertaken and under the auspices of the Tanzania Gender Networking Programme (TGNP) between 1993 and 2003. Published as part of the celebration to mark 10 years of the existence of the organisation, it provides insightful and thought provoking reflections on a decade that was thought to be devoid of citizens’ struggles-a lost decade. The book puts together a collection of selected papers with both international and local dimensions. The collection is divided into four parts: deconstruction of myths about gender; conceptions of, and development debates including impacts of SAPs and globalisation; democratic struggles and struggles over resources; and a synthesis of the various discussions and debates raised in the book.

ISBN: 9987-622-77-1
Publisher: TGNP
Edition: 1st Edition
Year of Publication: 2003

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