Agenda: twenty years of the constitution: reflecting on citizenship and gender justice

Date: September 9, 2016
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An article entitled Two decades of jurisprudence on substantive gender equality: what the Constitutional Court got right and wrong; another on judicial deconstruction of customary law for gender equality which looks at selected case law and an article on employment equity and elimination of discrimination: where are women with disabilities in the hierarchy? and Deaf women’s lived experiences of their constitutional rights in South Africa.

There is a focus on gender inequality and discrimination in South African football: Black women demand a bigger share of the pie and the limelight and article on poetry writing as a strategy for citizen making for LGBTI migrants and asylum seekers, entitled Sons of the soil and daughters of the land and a report back entitled Intersectional (un)belonging.

This issue also includes Jacklyn Cock’s article on feminist response to the food crisis in South Africa and an analysis of the treatment of inheritance in Ifa Lukululeko and a profile on the question of onus to prove customary marriage


Author: Lou Haysom (ed.)
ISBN: 1013-0950
Publisher: Agenda
Edition: No 107; Volume 30
Year of Publication: 2016
Classification Number: Journals