Agenda: Women and imprisonment in Africa: reflections on the past and future

Date: May 16, 2016
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Articles include one on the right to privacy for women in detention and contestations of power in South Africa’s penal system; narratives and testimonies of women detainees in the anti-apartheid struggle and narratives of female children awaiting trial.  There is an article on women incarcerated in Nigerian prisons and the health implications as well as one on lesbian relationships in correctional facilities.  In addressing the social exclusion of this group of women and the lack of social attention and research on incarcerated women in Africa, Agenda gives weight to the production of feminist research and the excavation of women’s prison narratives.

The guest editors elaborate on the importance of the United Nations rules for the treatment of women prisoners ( the “Bangkok Rules”) in emphasising both gender and justice in the regulation of the treatment of women prisoners. The rules provide a framework for governments to address gender bias and injustices and the disaggregation of women in the criminal justice system.


Author: L. Haysom (editor)
ISBN: 1013-0950
Publisher: Routledge
Edition: Number 106
Year of Publication: 2015
Classification Number: Journal