BWA South African women in leadership census 2011

Date: March 12, 2013
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The Women in Leadership Census is a research report published annually by the BWA that shows the representation of women in leadership positions including chairperson, chief executives, directors and executive managers of all JSE -listed companies, their subsidiaries and schedule 2 state-owned enterprises (SOEs).This is compared with government department data on women in leadership positions in the public sector.
BWA is the largest and most prominent association of business and professional women in South Africa, and the voice of women in business.
The 2011 Census measured a total of 339 companies of which 319 were JSE listed companies and 20 were state-owned enterprises. Of the 319 JSE companies, 63 were Alt-X companies and 257 were main board companies. Regarding the Government data, the 2011 reporting period shows an increase of women, including those in the SANDF, to 56.3%(from 55.8% the previous year) whereas men decreased to 43.7% (from 44.2% the previous year) indicating once again that the growth that has taken place within Government has taken place within the female population.
A direct comparison of men versus women in the upper echelons of the workforce portrays a stark reality. Women are clearly in the minority amongst their male counterparts. Women hold only 4.4% of CEO/MD positions, 5.3% of Chairperson positions, and 15.8% of all Directorships.In Government, women hold 35% of all Senior Management positions.

Publisher: BWA
Year of Publication: 2011

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