Commonwealth perspectives: ideas for a new development agenda

Date: December 18, 2017
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Ideas for a new development agenda

The Commonwealth Foundation’s consultations created learning opportunities on future inclusivity in a new development agenda. The consultations revealed deep dissatisfaction with the extent of civil society’s opportunities to engage with the MDGs.

Based on the critiques and recommendations, a clear alternative vision emerges of what a development framework would look like. Development goals still speak to global themes, but also address national priorities. Open and inclusive processes then arrive at national priorities and global themes.

The current framework of the MDGs favours governments and donors over civil society.

National report executive summaries

Summaries of the national reports of 14 countries are included in this publication. The full reports are also available on the website. They cover perspectives from civil society in each country on the progress made.

Finally, the Millennium Development Goals and targets are listed at the back.

Author: Commonwealth Foundation
Publisher: Commonwealth Foundation
Year of Publication: 2013