Communicating peace: Entertaining angels unaware

Date: September 23, 2016
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Communication rights and the ever more urgent need to construct a culture of peace are central to a vision of a world in which universal human values displace the accumulated weight of history’s tyrannies. Genuine communication is proposed as the only way to overcome the political, economic , social and cultural inequalities and violence that have obstructed justice for all. Building a culture of peace means building a culture of communication in solidarity with those whose freedom has been taken away or diminished.

Chapters on media and civil society in Africa, cultivating journalists for peace and journalism in Africa as well as advertising against racism constitute Part 1. Part 2 examines communication as a human need and human right and the democratisation of public communication.

Author: Philip Lee (ed.)
ISBN: 978-983-9054-53-8
Publisher: World Association for Christian Communication
Year of Publication: 2008
Classification Number: 302.2 LEE