Conceptualisation of Gender Based Violence in Zimbabwe

Date: October 6, 2014
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Gender based violence is a cause for concern the world over as it has emerged as a serious global health, human rights and development issue. It is a symptom of underlying gender in equalities and power imbalances which knows no boarders it transcends the boundaries of geography, race, culture class and religion, hence affecting every community in the corner of the globe and Zimbabwe in particular. Several strategies have been employed by the Government of Zimbabwe and various pressure groups and lobby organisations to curb gender based violence through establishment of a legal framework and interventions on prevention, treatment and participation, however, gender based violence remains pervasive. This paper looks at the prevalent forms, pervasiveness and the effects of gender based violence and its relationship to development.

Publisher: International Journal of Humanities and Social Science
Edition: Vol. 3 No. 15
Year of Publication: August 2013

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