Cyberlaw for Civil Society

Date: January 1, 1970
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The Internet is a global network providing communication between millions of interconnected individual computers and computer networks, primarily through the use of telephone lines. The Internet means different things to different people. Many use the Internet for information gathering, or as a platform for providing information on a vast array of subjects.
Another primary use of the Internet is a communication tool through e-mail, which for many has replaced the more traditional forms of communication such as postal services and telefax machines. Increasingly, the Internet is being used for commercial purposes, often called e-commerce. E-commerce can cover a variety of transactions over the Internet, primarily the buying and selling of goods, but also banking, investing, procurement, conclusion of contracts and as an ever increasingly important medium for advertising goods and services.

Publisher: OSISA Cheadle Thompson and Haysom Inc
Year of Publication: 2003

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