Documentation of pluralism within the women’s movement in Uganda: Re-echoing of women activists, sustaining women activists

Date: September 14, 2016
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The Uganda women’s movement has stood the test of time and is a strong social movement challenging historical cultural traditions and the deeply entrenched patriarchal system.  Given a strong national and pluralistic women’s movement Uganda has been able to register progress towards gender equity. However, the women’s movement is said to have recently become polarised and its leadership class based, elitist and largely urban.

UWONET embarked on documenting the causes of pluralism and how it manifests within the movement because of the need to rejuvenate the vibrancy of the women’s movement in Uganda.

Consultations were held on different kinds of diversity within the Ugandan women’s movement; management strategies were developed for the diversities identified and recommendations for the sustainability of the women’s movement were made.

Author: Rita Aciro-Lakor and Susan Labwot (eds)
Publisher: UWONET
Classification Number: Uganda NGO Publications