Election Update South AFrica (February-June 2004)

Date: January 1, 1970
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South Africa will hold its third democratic election on 14 April 2004; its first democratic election was held in 1994 and its second in 1999. The third election in a democratic South Africa coincides with, and indeed forms part of, the country’s celebration of its stable and vibrant democracy since the demise of apartheid in the early 1990s. It also clear proof that elections are one of the key ingredients of the working and robust democracy that exists in South Africa. The Electoral Institute of Southern Africa (EISA) has initiated a project entitled Election Update 2004: South Africa, which aims to disseminate useful information about the upcoming election throughout the three phases of the process, namely: pre-election; election/polling day; and post-election.

ISBN: 1-919814-86-8
Publisher: EISA
Year of Publication: 2004

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