Empowering women – ending violence in Southern Africa

Date: December 18, 2017
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Empowering women ending violence

Gender Links publication entitled Empowering women ending violence in Southern Africa. This summarises a pilot project targeting 1500 GBV survivors (15 to 20 survivors per council) in 10 Centres of Excellence for Gender in Local Government in each of 10 SADC countries.

This publications summarises the project which focussed on an integrated approach of life skills and entrepreneurship training. Skills included use of IT, networking, decision making as well as business skills.

Key facts

Key facts in this pamphlet include the fact that 85% of participants said they now experience less GBV. Amongst other facts, 59% of participants added new products and 54% found new markets.

Lessons learned

Identifying potential sources of funding has been difficult and needs to be a focus issue with each new council.  It is also important to strengthen links with support for women in the councils. Another key lesson is that councils be chosen carefully.


Empowering women ending violence

Author: Gender Links