Equal chances to all community members_ Radio Saut_ August 2016

Date: August 6, 2016
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Name of the story: Equal chances to all community members

Name of the house media house: Radio Saut

Country: Tanzania


Sum up the situation of the Media House – how far has it come, how far has it progressed, what evidence is there of change.

If possible, begin with an anecdote that demonstrates this change.

RADIO SAUT was started on fifth, February 1998. By then was known as Nyanza Fm. It has a coverage of Lake Zone region that is Kagera, Mara, Bukoba, Geita and Shinyanga with more than 80,000 audiences. It is a community media owned by St. Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT) with the Motto, Radio SAUT FM “Voice of the Voiceless”.

Key objectives

Please state the key gender mainstreaming objectives of the media house.

The following are the key Gender mainstreaming of our Radio.

  1. To give equal chances to all members of the community to air their voice and comments in our programs. Under this, it helps the Radio Station to air the voice of the members in the community that is accompanied by the slogan of the Radio that is Radio SAUT FM, “The Voice of the voiceless”.
  2. To ensure Gender balancing the stories aired by Radio SAUT FM ensure the use of multi sources by giving equal chances to both men and women.
  3. To empower women there is a specific program on Women Empowerment that is a weekly program.
  4. Chances of employment are equally offered to the media personnel in Radio SAUT FM.

Are the aim of empower both female and male


Give some background – What was the situation before gender mainstreaming efforts started. Include evidence from leaders within the institution, and those served by the institution.

  1. Before gender mainstreaming most employment opportunity were given to men, compared to women Also, women had know chance to air their views in media.Therefore, the introduction of women program in Radio SAUT give women equal chances to air their views and expand their knowledge about women empowerment as well as learning on how to start small business.

Moreover, audience participation and comments in various programs aired by SAUT FM gives equal chances in the community.

Key activities

-Informing the society on current affairs

-Women empowerment

– Youth content

-Community Social Responsibility

-Children content


What have been the main strengths?

-The community remains up to date through knowing what is happening at national and international level as well through news and all informative programs.

– Women have equal chance to participate and comment in Radio SAUT programs.

– The community around have acknowledged and appriciated the effort done by Radio SAUT FM such as children and youth formation and seminars offered in the nearby community.


What have been the main challenges? How have these been overcome? E.g. resistance.

The main challenge has been women participation in various Radio Programs, fear to be acknowledge and speak out through the media.

The wide coverage of Radio SAUT FM.It has always been a challenge to meet the desired needs of the people in lake zone region and country wide since there are some remote areas that does not have an access to Radio SAUT FM.

Women’s empowerment

How have women been empowered because of gender mainstreaming efforts?

Women have been empowered through various programs presented by Radio SAUT FM, particularly Women Empowerment program that give women equal opportunity to participate and contribute on the program.

They have also given equal opportunity to sit together discuss both political, social and economic issues, whereas before gender mainstreaming women had no chance to discuss issues together because women were not considered in political issues in the society. Due to the stereo type, men only discussed that political issue.

Women have been given more chances that are political in government position in Tanzania, as well as the increase number of special seat in the parliament.

Men for change

Have men become more supportive of gender equality as a result of the institutions gender mainstreaming efforts? Please give examples.

Despite the effort which is done by the institution, there are some more effort is needed to continue giving knowledge to some of the members in older to be knowledgeable in half issues and important of gender equality.

Capacity building

How has the training you receive on gender from NGOs, Governments etc helped to build skills, create voice, agency, enhance leadership and empowerment and inspire journalist?

The seminars offered by Tanzania Media Women Association(TAMWA) especially during the generally election which elide in October 2015 ,imposed the knowledge on how to prepare radio programs which motivate women participation and competing in various political position in the General election in Tanzania.

Through participation in seminars offered by Mwanza Press Club, various skills are acquired especially on how to prepare programs with youth content and various ways of preparations of programs, that helps in eradication of Drug Abuse in the society especially among the youth. Participation in World Press Freedom 2015 in Mwanza gave me exposure and journalism experience.


How has the gender training improved quality of programming/ reporting? Please provide examples.

The training has improved the quality of programming in the way that political content prior to General Election in Tanzania were prepared with the aim of encouraging women to compete in various political position including presidential position.

The knowledge acquired in Mwanza Press Club helps to create team working and through participation in Seminars and meetings organized by Mwaza Press Club helps in reporting local content, particularly the events happening in the lake Zone.

For example the coverage on albino killing in Lake Zone and political situation and analysis in Mwanza during and after General Election.

Changes within the work place

Are the gender mainstreaming efforts influencing any changes in power relations at the work place? Please give a few examples.

Yes. Through offering equal leadership position. For instance in Radio SAUT FM Assistant Director is a women and News editor is a woman. Also from experience, various media houses in Tanzania are now giving women sensitive position in the media house. For instance the appointment of former Lecturer from St. Augustine University of Tanzania, Madam, Imane Duwe to become the Director General of Zanzibar Broadcasting Cooperation. In addition, the news editor of STAR TV in Mwanza is also a woman.

Changes in attitudes

Are audience attitudes changing because of the COE work in the media house? Please provide at least one example.

We are not yet beneficiaries of CEO.

Lesson learned and innovation

What lessons have been learned in the process?

How are these being applied?

Not yet.

Sustainability and replication

How can these gender-mainstreaming efforts be sustained within your organisation?

How can your Media House contribute to replicating process?

Gender mainstreaming within my organisation can be sustaining through promotion of equal chances in the media house. Such as gender balancing in employment and give equal participation in on going short and long courses offered by the organization.