Excessive drinking of alcoholic_ Radio Saut FM Stereo_ August 2016

Date: August 23, 2016
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Name of the story: Excessive drinking of alcoholic

Name of the media house: Radio Saut FM Stereo

Country: Tanzania

The program adhere to address gender inequality paused by alcoholic drinks producers in the sense that some companies which produces alcoholic drinks create diversity as far as on gender concern.

The statistics shows that male gender is the most victim of excessive drinking of alcoholic products, which is caused by the producers of alcoholic drink that stimulates male gender to take alcohol through their advert. It shows that a perfect man must take alcohol and by doing that, it makes most of the male gender to be the most victim of excessive drinking, which makes to them fail to fulfil their responsibilities and due to that some they lose their job and trust to their families

I wanted to address the problem of gender inequality created by the companies, which produces alcoholic products so that they could stop creating gender inequality, because it leads one gender to be the most victim of taking excessive drinking. In addition I wanted to create awareness to the people how this companies which produces alcoholic products how they lobby them through using the advantage of their gender.

I targeted the producers of alcoholic drinks such as the producer of Konyagi, valeur, jogoo etc. but also I targeted the consumers of alcoholic drinks both male and female gender ranging from 18 years to above and the rest general public(adult).

To some extent I managed to reach the targeted audience by 60% both producers and consumers and public (adult).To testify that after the program aired I received many comments commenting direct to the documentary.

First of all I interviewed around 13 people were by male gender were 7 and female gender were 6 but 5 of them where by the 5 of them their voice were eligible to be aired. In addition, I used documents from WHO report to gather the data.

This work bring very crucial impact in the society around Lake Zone regions because most of the audience responded positively after this work was aired. Most of them responded with an educative respond advising those who have affected and addicted to this sort of alcohol to try their level best to stop drinking as it as many effects to their health.

In addition, most of the respondents were men, women were very few, and most of the women responds were arguing how drunkenness is very bad especially to a married man. Therefore, the feedback over this work were very positively.

Through checking where the gap is after seeing the community respondents who wants to see these kind of alcohol are burned. In addition, to conduct more research and investigations on how many people have been affected by the packet alcohol. This is to help the society to come out of this problem and see the young generation is not swept away through this.