Featuring Females, Feminist Analyses of Media

Date: January 1, 1970
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The media provide strong and persuasive messages about the intersection of culture and gender roles. Given the power of the media to influence and “educate” the public, understanding its images of girls and women is critical. Featuring Females analyzes the portrayals of women in a variety of outlets including reality television shows, films, print and electronic news programming, magazines, video games, and commercial advertising.

A highly esteemed group of scholars and researchers provides informed original psychological study, and their thought-provoking findings address the ways in which aging, race/ethnicity, body image, gender roles, sexual orientation and relationships, and violence are treated in the media. Featuring Females is a diverse and provocative volume, exploring images and characterizations of women young and old, and inspiring discussion of the effects that these representations have on girls, women, and society at large.

ISBN: 1-59147-278-4
Publisher: American Psychological Association
Year of Publication: 2005

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