Gender, Race and Class in Media: A text Reader

Date: January 1, 1970
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An introductory text-reader, Gender, Race and Class in Media critically examines the mass media as economic and cultural institutions that shape our social identities, especially in regard to gender, race and class. Through an analysis of such popular genres as soap operas, talk shows, rap music, sitcoms, rock videos, pornography, made-for-TV movies, advertising, and romance novels, students are invited to engage in critical mass media scholarship. From a critical//cultural perspective, the comprehensive introduction delineates the major paradigms in media studies today. It outlines the text’s integrated approach to media studies, which incorporates three distinct but related areas of investigation within media studies: political economy of production, textual analysis and audience response//resistance. Chapter introductions to the selected readings, which are drawn from original essays and influential previously published articles, provide a framework for understanding and analyzing how gender, race and class are structural and experiential categories that inform the production, construction and consumption of media representations.

ISBN: 0-7619-2260-1
Publisher: Sage Publications
Edition: 2nd edition
Year of Publication: 2003

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