Gendering UN peacekeeping: Mainstreaming a gender perspective in multidimensional peacekeeping operations

Date: July 4, 2016
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This report is a compilation of research covering three main areas. The first is gender and organisation at the United Nations headquarters which is very male dominated and few women are employed; the second concerns the peacekeeping operations in the field. The number of women is very low in the military units but higher in the units that perform civilian duties. Women’s gender specific contributions are under-researched areas and are important to examine.

The final area covered in this report are two negative effects of peacekeeping: prostitution and violence against women. peacekeeping missions have been notorious for their contributions to both these problems and gender research claims they can be the effects of socialising men into soldiers. Policy and research areas important to mainstreaming gender are suggested in the conclusion.

Author: Louise Olssen
ISBN: 91-506-1367-7
Publisher: Uppsala University: Department of Peace and Conflict Research
Edition: Report No 53
Year of Publication: 1999
Classification Number: 355.3 OLS