Getting the Balance Right: gender equality in journalism

Date: December 14, 2015
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This handbook is a timely, illustrated and easy-to-read guide and resource material for journalists. It evolved primarily out of a desire to equip all journalists with more information and understanding of gender issues in their work. It is addressed to media organisations, professional associations and journalists’ unions seeking to contribute to the goal of gender equality.

This booklet gives added argument and dynamism to a campaign that should be taken up in very newsroom, every media house and every union meeting. Journalism has its roots in the fight for decency, progress and rights for all. It will honour its tradition and reinvigorate the profession when the ideas, guidelines and advice in these pages are put into practice.

UNESCO, jointly with its partners, invites journalists to use this handbook to become better informed when dealing with gender issues in the media sphere. The book will assist people working in the media to assess progress on gender equality, identify challenges, and contribute to local, regional and global debates leading to the formulation of concrete policies to promote gender equality and the advancement of women worldwide.

ISBN: 9789490116002
Publisher: UNESCO
Year of Publication: 2009

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