Guide to Namibian Politics

Date: January 1, 1970
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The Guide to Namibian Politics aims to give an accessible overview of Namibian politics by focusing on key personalities, political parties and the political and electoral systems. The guide was first published in 2004. This second edition has been updated and revised throughout, with details corect at the end on 2005.

The Guide’s central feature is an A to Z of Political Personalities – covering over 190 key players on the political scene. It is hoped these profiles of politicians will help bridge the gap between the electorate and their elected representatives. Where possible the contact details and legislative interests of politicians have been listed. Also included are a number of personalities who are not party politicians, but whose words and actions have a significant bearing on political developments – whether they are from civil society, the media or the business world.

The Guide which has been designed for easy reference, includes chapters on:
Political System
Political parties
Party platforms
Civil society

The publication also contains a chronology of Namibian history and a glossary of political terms as they relate to Namibia. Other features include directories of tradiotional leaders, trade unions, media outlets, churches, and leading non-governmental organisations.

The Guide to Namibian Politics is essential reading for civil society activists, politicians, decision-makers, researchers, journalists, students and anyone interested in governance issues in Namibia.

ISBN: 99916-797-5-8
Publisher: Namibia Institute for Democracy
Year of Publication: 2006

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