HIV/AIDS affects African countries_ Radio Saut FM_ August 2016

Date: August 12, 2016
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Name of the story: HIV/AIDS affects African countries

Name of the media house: Radio Saut FM

Country: Tanzania


Brief description of the item of work you submitted and motivation of why it is a good example of gender awareness and sensitivity in advancing gender equality Post-2015.

Despite an excess availability of male condoms, still HIV/AIDS affects African countries, I have seen the need to look outside the box and match an extra mile where I met claims from forgotten group (sex workers).

Who in fact says that free promotion of male condoms have minimal contribution on their daily negotiation with their clients, when insisting them on the use of protection. This group claims that male condom in one way or another promotes male patriarchal system or male domination in general and left them with limited power when it comes to decision of using male condoms. They say they want female condoms to control these brutalities because some clients are drunk and mad so with female condoms is easy to have sex contact with them without problem or negotiation.

I was motivated and interviewed young women at one university in Tanzania and i found the same though most of them felt shy to explain what they go through with their boyfriends.

This report intends to raise awareness to gender activist, on providing female condoms as much as possible. To educate young women and women on how to use them effectively this will rise the graph to gender equality and reduce male domination, resist violent or coercive sex by the clients when these women negotiate and rise voice on the use of protection.

Availability of female condoms will also advance gender equality in the level of family and youth and reduce spread of HIV/AIDS.


Why did you produce the story? What problem or context is it responding to?

Less availability of female condoms has the great impact to sex workers because with male condoms they have limited chance to negotiate on the use of protection with their client and this contributes much to the new spread of HIV/AIDS infection.

This documentary also respond to the notion that women point out on the direct relationship between the use of male condoms and patriarch system or male domination in the society.

Key objectives

What did you hope to achieve with this coverage?

I hope that gender activist in Tanzania, government and non government organization will help the most victim group (sex workers) by providing more female condoms as how it is on male condoms this will not only advance gender equality and protect them from violence done by clients when comes to negotiation on protection but also reduce spread HIV/AIDS because their clients have families and romantic relation with other women around.

Target audience

Who did you hope to reach? Did you succeed in reaching this audience? What evidence do you have to that effect?

My targeted audience were men and women from 18 years on, also gender activists, related NGOs and government.

I have succeed on part, My program that through this documentary was aired has the segment of short message service (sms), audience sent messages and most of them were women insisting on the need of female condoms and education on how to use it because most women both young and old cannot use them and other have not even seen women condoms since they were born.

How did you go about producing the programme?

How did you gather the data, how many sources, female and male did you consult? Why did you choose these sources and how were their voices important?

I went to the nightclub and I met sex workers and tried to convince them to speak though most of them were feeling shy to address but I was pointed to one who has been a sex worker for almost 12 years, I also went to one university and I also met PSI manager.

Apart from physical sources, I have three sources; two were female and one male.

I chose sex worker who had experience of 12 years and one girl from university because our they were representing other women out there who are victims of such issue. PSI speaker was important because represents activists in Tanzania.


What impact did it have? What evidence do you have to illustrate impact?

The zone communication manager Mr John Mbogo from PSI lake zone Tanzania declared after the interview that he will represent this claims of shortage of female condoms and its impact to the community in their next meeting in Dar es Salaam Tanzania.

Follow up

How would you conduct a follow up to your story and why?

After a while i would have to research and create documentary on the effectiveness of female condoms and its availability again and how it has helped women especial sex workers from brutality done by men who do not want to use protection.

This will help to get the general picture on the advancement of GENDER EQUITY especial on relation affairs to all women and sex workers.