How to do a gender sensitive budget analysis: Contemporary research and practice

Date: May 12, 2016
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There is no single model for a gender sensitive budget exercise. Australia developed the first comprehensive audit of a government budget for its impact on women and girls. South Africa started working on a gender sensitive analysis in 1995 and many more have followed. In some countries the exercises are implemented by governments while in others groups outside government take on the analysis.

This document has a strong practical orientation, but also applies ideas from the emerging research on gender and government budgets with the objective of pointing out new approaches and models of a gender sensitive budget analysis. One section deals with how gender issues arise in a budgetary context and another introduces tools and methods which may be used in an analysis of a budget. Then a range of application of these tools are explored. An introduction to new theoretical developments in macroeconomics is provided and then a system of dividing up government expenditure and revenue is outlined.


Author: Budlender, Debbie and Sharp, Rhonda
ISBN: 0868036153
Publisher: Commonwealth Secretariat
Year of Publication: 1998
Classification Number: 352.48 BUD