Human rights, ethical issues and HIV/AIDS in Swaziland: A rapid situational appraisal study

Date: June 29, 2016
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The study explores the demands of PLWHA and the expectations they had in relation to human rights. It concludes that they are stigmatised and discriminated against in several settings in the society. This reflects the importance of revisiting the information provided to people and developing a rights based approach in order to not drive the epidemic underground, as is currently the case.

Swazi society must must examine its norms as influenced by culture and outside influences to distil what is good for human rights and particularly HIV and AIDS. The recommedations made are based on the assumption the rights of PLWHA can only be protected in a framework of respect for human rights in general. and it is recommended that a renewed campaign to destigmatise HIV and AIDS is needed to effect behaviour change.

Author: UNDP
ISBN: 0-7978-1706-9
Publisher: UNDP
Year of Publication: 2002
Classification Number: Swaziland NGO publications