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Date: November 24, 2014
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The Mo Ibrahim Foundation (MIF) is committed to making data on the quality of governance in Africa freely available and accessible to all citizens of the continent and interested stakeholders.

Gender is a sub-category of the IIAG. It is one of the three sub-categories that are used to calculate the Participation and Human Rights category score. It consists of eight indicators (including one cluster), from six different sources.

Gender Equality is a clustered indicator of the IIAG. It is one of the eight indicators that are used to calculate the Gender sub-category score. It consists of two variables from two different sources. The indicator women in parliament estimates the percentage of parliamentary seats in a single or lower chamber held by women.
Another indicator measures the existence of women’s legal protection from rape, assault and sexual harassment, the prevalence of domestic violence and attitudes towards domestic violence. It is based on three components: (a) laws; (b) attitudes towards domestic violence; and (c) lifetime prevalence of domestic violence.

The indicator gender equality in the workplace assesses the extent to which women receive equal pay and benefits to men for performing the same job; have equal opportunities to be hired or promoted; and are not fired, demoted or in any other way discriminated against as a result of pregnancy. Gender balance in education is also included amongst a number of other indicators.


Publisher: Mo Ibrahim Foundation
Year of Publication: 2014
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