Lake Region believe in patriarch system_ Radio Saut FM Stereo_ August 2016

Date: August 3, 2016
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Name of the story: Lake Region believe in patriarch system

Name of the media house: Radio Saut FM Stereo

Country: Tanzania

Previously, most society in Tanzania especially in Lake Region previous believing more in patriarch system, which is allowing men to dominate in all sphere associating with decision-making system. It is destroying spirit of women in participating in decision making after aired this work, most people especial men started to consider position of women in issues. Associating with position of women toward decision making for instance after aired this most audience asked for another kind of such program which will allow more women to demonstrate their ability in political arena.

I decide to prepare this work, because during general election 2015 most women where portrayed negatively by some people in society. When they demonstrating their ability to be voted so that after general election I decided to prepare this work in order to show people in the society how women who elected during general election are capable in leading with ability and determination toward development of society

From this work, I hope to change the mind of men here in Tanzania toward women who participating in various political issues because I want men to consider women as group in society. Which can lead archiving the expectation of society toward development also i wanted to mobiles women to know that when they participating in various election issue the can archive their goal so they have not to be afraid in participating in various political issues.

I targeted to reach people who still believe and practicing patriarch system in society, especial here in Lake Region. Where men are considered superior than women, yes I succeeded to reach my audience because my program is very popular and most of people tend to send message and calling phone through which I used as signal which notifying the success of my program toward my message to the society

I employed two methods when i prepared my work, first I used interview method, which allows me to meet with my targeted source and getting clear information of what I wanted to address. Secondly, I used documented materials from library especial in providing clarification on the role and position of women in society; I consulted women only because I wanted to show only one side of women and gaining much attention toward issues concerning women.

I decided to use these sources, because of their unique position in society. Firstly, for main source, I wanted to show how women could manage to be voted and run government and secondly I decided to choose these sources because I wanted to show position of women in making hard decision in turf time in order to brings development to the people and showing position of women in decision making.

Firstly I received message from audience, which I noticed that people in society clear received my message, secondly I allowed people to provide their suggestion toward program aired. I received feedback from audience, which most of them asked me to find another time for repetition of the program. Third I measure the impact of my program toward audience by measuring the perception of people in society where by most of them appreciating role and position of women in political arena I finding follow up by visiting to the place where women where not recompensed and acknowledge by society where now they have been acknowledged.