New actors, new money, new conversations: A mapping of recent initiatives for women and girls

Date: December 19, 2017
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AWID mapping initiatives for women and girls

Introduction and background to new initiatives for women and girls

Investing in women and girls as smart economics, a way to end poverty, is a favoured strategy in development. However, women’s organisations remain significantly more under-resourced. Thus AWID undertook research to find out if the new players could reach women’s organisations.

Following an initial mapping relying on desk research, 24 interviews with grant-makers were undertaken.

The research findings

These show who is involved and what is getting supported as well as examples of partnerships. Finally, the challenges include a focus on the individual as well as a narrow issue focus.

Author: Miller, J, Arutyunova, A and Clark, C.
Publisher: AWID
Year of Publication: 2013