The process of breast-feeding is a very important _ Radio Saut FM Stereo_ August 2016

Date: August 9, 2016
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Name of the story: The process of breast-feeding is a very important

Name of the media house: Radio Saut FM Stereo

Country: Tanzania

This work submitted is a good example of gender awareness and sensitivity in advancing gender equality. The process of breast-feeding is a very important stage a child ever passed in his or her growing stages. In one way or another society has changed in many ways different from the way it was back then.

The way people perceive things in the old days is different from the way they took things nowadays especially gender issues its awareness and sensitivity. Although hospital clinics for infants provides education about the importance of breast feeding to the mothers, and delivery women, still it is a big problem to most of them. The work is very crucial especially in motivation but also a good example of gender awareness and sensitivity because it touches women directly as they are responsible for ensuring that if they have an infant then he or she is well breast fed and the importance of breast feeding a child and for how long this process should took place.

In addition, this work motivates as it opens the eyes of many people especially those with infants on the importance of breast-feeding on different aspects to the child. For stance, most of them become aware of the issue of psychological relationship between the child and the mother, which there is a good close relationship, which is built during that process of breast-feeding, but also the whole issue of good health of the child in which only breasts milk can make the child healed from different snaring diseases.

This work was produced with the aim of recalling the society especially women who are mostly responsible on the issue of breast feeding and its importance to their infants as nowadays it has become like a fashion for some women who dare not to breast feed their infants for the excuse of preserving their breasts from falling.

According to responds from most women who were responding on the importance of breast-feeding, they ignored that breast feeding causes women breasts to fall and call it an absurd excuse as it hinders the right of a child and endanger innocent life.

As a journalist and a producer of this work, the aim was to bring back women with this insufficient reasoning into line as they ignore their duty of ensuring that they breast feed their infants and come out of those thoughts that breast-feeding is a source of falling breasts.

In addition, the aim was also to achieve catching up the minds of these women and providing them with education from other women who have the knowledge on the importance of breast-feeding.

This work aimed to reach the majority women out there especially those who have duty of breast-feeding to add up the knowledge and to share the experience about breast-feeding and its importance.

For many years now very few media houses speaks about breast feeding and recall their audience about how important it is for women to ensure they provide enough breast milk to their infants for better health and growth.

This work also targets the parents who are also part when it comes to the importance of breast-feeding as both mother and father are supposed to be reminded but also remind each other on how they should ensure that they satisfy breast-feeding to their infants.

On the other side, this work was targeting those women who are still in their pregnancy period in which in one way or another they will be highlighted on the importance of breast feeding to the infants after hearing this work on their radio but also they will be aware about the ignorance that breast feeding a child will lead to a woman breast falling from its natural look.

The data in this work was conducted through interviews and discussions with credible sources with women who have infants and they are breast-feeding a doctor at Butimba ward hospital.

The number of sources used in this program were six considering females mostly. These sources were chosen because they are credible and they live the actual life, which appeals with this work.

This work have affected the society due to the response that came in after the program was aired at Saut FM Radio. Which people were complaining about the behaviour of many women nowadays not to take it serious when it comes to the issue of breast feeding their infants, especially when the child reaches five month and above as they provide food mostly than breasts milk.

In addition, the issues of avoiding breast-feeding by women to keep their breasts were raised and complaints against it were high and they came mostly from both male and female audience.

According to these responses and feedback from the audience most of them complained that it is better not to rush having a child who at the end after getting birth to him or her then it suffers because the mother is busy keeping up her breasts.

But also women responded by giving their respond on how hard it is to hold all the milk especially after getting birth as it hates and sometimes can led to breast cancer but also the child will suffer malnutrition and such diseases.

Many responded positively about the importance of breast-feeding but negatively on those who do not breast feed for their issues of keeping breasts from falling.

Conducting a follow up it will require the producer to collect information on how the infants suffers during the process of growing including what diseases are likely to affect this child but also who is standing for these kids who suffers this problem and what consequences are taken to the women who does this to their children.

The follow up is needed to ensure the society knows what is the right thing to do at the right time and right place without depressing others especially kids who cannot speak out and heard.