Promoting Gender Equality in Education

Date: June 1, 2011
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This publication was originally designed in 2003 when the Gender in Education Network in Asia-Pacific (GENIA) was established. Few gender in education resources were available at that time, and until the 2006 version, documents were mainly intended to be used by GENIA members, who are representatives (gender focal points) from ministries of education in the Asia-Pacific region. GENIA members have been using the Toolkit to sensitize and train their national counterparts ever since.

However, the Toolkit has not only been distributed and used by gender focal points, but also by other people who have heard about GENIA, and/or who were interested in the resource materials published by UNESCO Bangkok. For this reason, the Toolkit has been accessible via the UNESCO Bangkok website since 2006. As a result, anyone searching the Web for information on gender equality can easily access the Toolkit. This fourth edition of the Toolkit, thus, expands the scope of the target audience. The content has likewise been adapted accordingly in order to meet the needs of all who could potentially access it.

ISBN: 978-92-9223-297-9
Publisher: UNESCO Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education
Edition: Fourth
Year of Publication: 2009

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