TESO Initiative for peace: Voices for peace in Teso and Karamoja

Date: September 9, 2016
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Peace work, as one can imagine , is a complex task. Most of the time, more than two conflicting parties must be unified and the interests of various actors need to be met in order to reach a consensus for peace. The other way round; when some development is announced in a peace building process, it will most probably not be the achievement of only a handful of persons but of many peace builder that contributed to it.

Teso initiative for peace is one facilitator in this conflict, a peace organization that has been concentrating on resolving the Teso- Karamoja conflict for years. TIP’s vision is a peaceful, harmonious healthy and prosperous society in the Northern Uganda.


Author: Ayub Muhammad & Verena Bongartz
Publisher: TIP
Classification Number: NGO Publication