The status of women in the South African economy

Date: August 15, 2016
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Ensuring women’s full participation within the South African economy is essential if ideals of equity, prosperity and shared and inclusive growth are to be achieved. However, women around the world have historically faced numerous barriers to their engagement in the economy. These barriers reduce their employability, constrain their ability to participate on their own terms, restrict the options available to them and limit the likelihood of utilising their full potentials. Many of these barriers exist today and may take various forms. Some of these barriers may be legislated out of  existence—although enforcement is key to ensuring legislation is reflected in reality. Some may require support from government and other actors within society. Importantly, though, some of these barriers are the manifestation of attitudes and assumptions that unfairly impact on women and girls.

Author: Department of Women, SA
Publisher: Department of Women, SA
Year of Publication: 2015
Download : Status_of_women_in_SA_economy.pdf