Training tools for curriculum development: A resource pack

Date: December 1, 2014
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The Resource Pack caters to education decision-makers, educators, specialists and curriculum developers,
as well as other users versed in curriculum issues. These actors can benefit from an international comparative perspective in understanding new trends in the curriculum arena and analysing the decision-making process.

Such trends and the case studies that are used to illustrate key concepts refer to:
The planning and development of curricula: objectives and curriculum frameworks, models for the
curriculum-development process, defining objectives and goals, teaching and assessment strategy
selection, and the implementation and evaluation of reforms.
The administration/management of the curriculum: leading change, school-based curriculum
development, and school and curriculum assessment.

Perspectives about teaching and learning: authentic assessment, student-centred teaching, defining
expected outcomes, and the development of an inclusive curriculum.

Collaborative participation in the curriculum processes: involvement of diverse institutions and individual
stakeholders, as well as the capacity development that is necessary to guide those processes


Publisher: UNESCO - IBE
Year of Publication: 2013
Download : 19682_222796e.pdf

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