Transforming power: A knotted rope spreads

Date: September 26, 2014
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Sitting in a circle, all 14 participants, each looking tranquil. There seems to be magic in the air as we listen to them share moving pieces of writing. The writing is a reflection of their individual and organisational change. Voices filter – some with sadness, courage, hope and others letting go of grief. How powerful a space is this, I reflect. The participants have enthusiastically taken on this writing process with Gender at Work. Their fulfillment of writing their personal change stories has certainly left its mark on many minds, and has also touched many hearts. Vukani, Remmoho, Sikhula Sonke, Kganya Consortium and JAW À“ the protective womb that houses people and issues. The stories, both personally and organisationally, need to reflect the Gender at Work Gender Action Learning Process.

ISBN: 978-0-620-53513-7
Publisher: Gender at Work and Labour Research Service
Year of Publication: 2012
Download : 19491_transforming_power_a_knotted_rope_spreads_02_(2).pdf

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