Values, education and democracy: School-based research report: Opening pathways for dialogue

Date: September 16, 2016
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This report outlines the findings of school-based research exploring the way that educators, learners and parents think and talk about values in education.The study affirms previous research that claims that the process of rebuilding the post-independent state must reach to values and a decolonisation of the mind.Without purposeful intervention the state is conceding to colonial and possibly the values that drive the global economy.

This study warns against value prescription The study replaces policy emphasis with space for deepened dialogue in our schools. The legislative framework for education is already guided by clear democratic value prescription. The framework for deepening democratic values in education depends on deepening the quality of education, equity, democracy and human rights in our society. Nine specific priorities are framed in his study to further facilitate democratic values in schools.

Author: Department of Education, South Africa
ISBN: 1-919917-20-9
Publisher: Department of Education, South Africa
Year of Publication: 2002
Classification Number: 379 DEP