War@home: Gender-based violence indicators study: Mauritius country report

Date: May 18, 2016
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About a quarter of women in Mauritius have experienced some form of gender-based violence (GBV) in their lifetime including partner and non-partner violence. An almost similar proportion of men admit to perpetuating violence against women in their lifetime. Most of the violence occurs within intimate partner relationships. Almost a quarter of women have experienced it but only 0.3% of women in Mauritius have reported domestic violence. This is evidence that the actual levels of GBV are much higher than those reported.

The study also looks at the patterns and drivers and the effects of GBV, child abuse and prevention. Conclusions are then drawn and recommendations made, such as that GBV campaigns should emphasise intimate partner violence and sensitise communities about the law and the police and health sectors need to improve on victim friendly services.


Author: Mercilene Machisa and Loga Virahsawmy
ISBN: 978-99903-82-34-1
Publisher: Gender Links
Year of Publication: 2012
Classification Number: 362.83 GEN