Women Reinventing Globalisation

Date: January 1, 1970
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The Association for Women’s Rights in Development’s International Forum is the largest international summit on gender equality outside of the United Nations system. The AWID Forum provides an unparalleled opportunity to develop strategies, share ideas, build skills and provide support – all to advance gender equality and social justice. At the 2002 Forum in Guadelajara, Mexico, hundreds of leaders, scholars, and practitioners considered the economic, political, social, ecological and cultural implications of globalization. They set out to strategize for viable alternatives to the current unsustainable, undemocratic and exploitative forms of globalization. Contributors to this volume analyze current approaches to economic and political change and propose ways of ensuring that their ideas are translated into concrete actions in the years to come. The aim is to re-politicize the gender and development community and examine work that transforms rather than reacts. This volume provides a platform for a solutions-oriented approach to profound global changes and their effects on the lives of women. It looks at globalization through women’s eyes, engages in thought-provoking debates and finds energizing ideas. "Women Reinventing Globalisation" focuses on one of the most urgent issues facing gender equality work: "How can we reinvent globalization to further the rights of all women?"

ISBN: 0855984929
Publisher: Oxfam
Year of Publication: 2003

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