Women work together to break gender stereotype_ ZNBC_ August 2016

Date: August 16, 2016
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Name of the story: Women work together to break gender stereotype

Name of the station: Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation

Country: Zambia


Brief description of the item of work you submitted and motivation of why it is a good example of gender awareness and sensitivity in advancing gender equality Post-2015.

Press club live is a program that focuses on Media issues in Zambia and this particular episode focused on how women are working together, supporting one another and women in the cultural context. It highlighted the resilience and effort that women put into their work in order to break stereotypes and discrimination. This is a good example of advancing gender equality Post 2015


Why did you produce the story? What problem or context is it responding to?

This program was put together because of the growing number of women who are outstanding and going out of their way to mentor and empower young women in Zambia especially with the problem of early marriages; young girls are being married off early hindering them from going far in school or achieving their goals.