Empowering Messages Project

Date: January 1, 1970
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The increasing incidence of gender-based violence, particularly in
Southern Africa, has led to inquiries into the effectiveness of
gender-based violence communication campaigns. In an attempt
to facilitate an improved and more coordinated response by civil
society, a study of issue-related communication interventions run
by various non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and community
based organisations (CBOs) in South Africa and Namibia was
conducted by the Media Monitoring Project in 2007. Entitled “The
Empowering Messages Project,À the study undertook to explore
the process of communication development and implementation,
identify the primary challenges currently encountered by
organisations, and to improve understanding of what constitutes
a successful gender-based violence campaign. A key challenge
faced by organisations identified through the study was a limited
knowledge base regarding how to plan and implement effective
campaigns and evaluations, regardless of resources available.
Together with a review of related resources and literature, the
results of the study have been incorporated into the development
of best practice guidelines for strategic communication, aimed at
building stronger and more effective communication as a component
of gender-based violence intervention strategies in Southern Africa.

Publisher: Gender Links
Edition: 5th edition
Year of Publication: 2008
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