Evaluation of the engendering SADC parliaments projects

Date: September 1, 2016
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This is a report of the evaluation of the project on Engendering SADC parliaments implement by the SADC parliamentary forum in partnership with the SARDC and SADC Gender unit over the period of two years. As provided in the terms of reference, the evaluation assesses the following four areas:

  1. See the links between objectives, proposed strategies, implemented activities and impact realized.
  2. The achievements and constraints based on the different activities and process undertaken under the project.
  3. Conclusions about the relevancy of the project in the context of the vision to increase the capacity of parliaments to influence the democratic performance through engendering parliamentary process undertaken under the project.
  4. Forward looking recommendations to USAID and the implementing partners about the formulated conclusions.

Author: SADC Parliamentary Forum
Year of Publication: 2002
Classification Number: NGO Publication