Feminist Africa 14: Rethinking gender and violence

Date: May 5, 2011
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The latest issue of Feminist Africa, a publication of the University of Cape Town’s Africa Gender Institute, is now available in full text online. This issue of Feminist Africa seeks to take stock, as it were, of some contemporary thinking on gender and violence. The four feature articles tackle both “oldÀ and “newerÀ questions.It features a range of articles based in different contexts, from Morroco to Kenya, Namibia and South Africa. In her editorial, Jane Bennett states that the feature articles are intended, as a small group, to suggest that while there may be areas of overlap among writers and activists who take gender and violence seriously, there are myriad points of divergence and plenty of marginalised arguments, seeking entrance. Despite the thematic gaps, however, this issue draws together voices not exactly in harmony, but certainly in mutual commitment to writing which pulls no discursive punches in terms of its conviction that the relationship between gender and violence is far from fully understood, and even further from a logic in whose terms that same relationship can be erased.

Publisher: African Gender Institute
Edition: Issue 14
Year of Publication: 2010

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