Opinion: Media persecution in the Chansa Kabwela case

Date: January 5, 2010
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The Chansa Kabwela case relates to the prosecution of a news editor of the largest independent daily in Zambia, The Post. Kabwela faced charges of distributing obscene materials contrary to section 177(a) the Zambian Penal Code in the Lusaka Magistrates court arising out of her having sent to four persons graphic photographs of a woman delivering a breach birth outside a hospital during a strike by doctors. On the 28th of August I published
an article in the Post in which I suggested that the prosecution of the reporter was unnecessary. I pointed out that the prosecution was damaging the image of the country abroad. I also suggested that the case was a wastage of resources in a country with high poverty levels. The criticism was directed at the prosecution and not the court.

ISBN: 978-1-920550-40-0
Publisher: Gender Links
Edition: 7th Edition
Year of Publication: 2009
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