Profile: Rhandzu Mtombeni: The path to Beijing

Date: January 5, 2010
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Rhandzu Mthombeni describes herself as “one of those boring people” you would find glued to a television
screen watching sports programmes 24/7. That is when she first heard of Tiger Woods, after watching him play few strokes in the hole, before she could even understand what the game is all about.

Now a sports reporter/presenter at SABC’s Munghana Lonene/ MLfm, Rhandzu Mthombeni was born in South Africa in Malamulele Section A, but spent most of her teen years at Chavani Village where she grew up inspired by her brother who was an athlete. She followed in the footsteps of her brother, who played rugby, soccer, volleyball, and cricket.


ISBN: 978-1-920550-40-0
Publisher: Gender Links
Edition: 7th Edition
Year of Publication: 2009
Download : 10437_profile_rhandzu_mthombeni_the_path_to_beijing.pdf

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Ses rhandzu,mata loko mihaxa maswiveketela n’wana mhani,kova nyiko kungari ku tirhela mali ntsena,ni ku hayeka mlfm emaningini-ningini, nixirimu maxongisa marito xomi beee!

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