The Digital Public Sphere: challenges for media policy

Date: February 27, 2011
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Until recently, media policy was thought of as national, media-specific, and as part of the cultural domain. All this is changing in a digital public sphere: first, by the processes of globalisation in a broad sense; second, by a blurring of boarders between media, which can be summed up as convergence; and, third, by a more far-reaching commercialisation of the media. The book covers a wide range of issues: transnational online television distribution; the trouble with building and opening digital audiovisual archives; the impact of recent EU regulations on global conglomerates as well as national public service broadcasters; the debate on net neutrality; the idea of the participating public in policy-making; the registration of freedom of speech on the internet; as well as the impact of legal globalization on media policy itself.

ISBN: 978-91-86523-02-2
Publisher: NORDICOM
Year of Publication: 2010

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