The role that self-empowered women can play in conscientising other women

Date: February 16, 2015
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This study deals with women’s views on empowerment. Empowerment is an issue which .is sensitive to needs of individual communities. This study looks into the role that self-empowered women in Soweto can play in addressing the needs of non-empowered women in Soweto. Its aim is to bridge the gap between self-empowered, and non-empowered women in Soweto and to form “qemeinsnett” and “geselschaff’ (as described by Sergiovanni 1994) in the community of Soweto. The purpose of the study is to investigate women’s opinion on the type of opportunities available to non-empowered women in Soweto, as well their opinions on the role empowered women can play in the process of making people more conscious or aware of these opportunities. This study wants to investigate what empowered women can do to help conscientise non empowered women. In addition, the study seeks to examine and analyze: the views of both empowered and non-empowered women, with regard to empowerment. The findings will be used to make recommendations to groups of women of Soweto in general but specifically to the sample group. The aim of the study is therefore to capture these views, deduct from these findings, and ultimately establish what opportunities exist for the empowerment of women.

Publisher: University of Johannesburg
Year of Publication: 2014
Download : 20045_segale_rose_b_1999_magister_educationis_in_community_education.pdf

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