Titillating Abusive Advertising

Date: June 1, 2011
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For over 10 years, Media Watch Organisation (MWO), under the leadership of Loga Virahsawmy, has brought about sanctions against abusive, degrading and unacceptable advertising with an unfair sexual connotation on the Mauritian market. Billboards, posters, newspapers, magazines, songs, television and radio have all been scrutinised to bridge the gaps between policies in place against gender violence, the existing code of ethics (from the Association of Advertising Agencies of Mauritius) and the sexist and degrading advertising on the local market. This best practice demonstrates that with the commitment of various stakeholders, i.e. MWO, the local authorities and the government including the sex discrimination division, challenging issues are tackled and solutions are found.

Publisher: Gender and Media Diversity Journal
Edition: 9
Year of Publication: 2010
Download : 13022_titillating__abusive_advertising.pdf

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