Trade unions and women’s empowerment in north-east Brazil

Date: May 7, 2010
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An important feature of contemporary globalisation has been the ‘feminisation of agriculture’ across the global south, as numerous new regions of export horticulture emerge to supply global retailers. Much literature details the poor conditions faced by women workers. This article details the formation and expansion of a highly globally integrated export horticulture sector in north-east Brazil, the reliance by farms on overwhelmingly female labour forces, and the role of the region’s rural trade union in both representing workers generally, and, women workers in particular. It shows how women workers have become increasingly active within the trade union, and suggests that such outcomes are possible in other global regions of export horticulture.

Publisher: Routledge
Year of Publication: 2009
Download : 11314_trade_unions_and_womens_empowerment_in_north_east_brazil.pdf

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