When media becomes weapon of war against gender progress

Date: January 5, 2010
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The media is two-pronged. As an information mediator, it has real potential for generating crucial knowledge for the advancement of societies. As such, it can prove an arsenal for the genderequality and gender justice causes and effectively contribute to a meaningful transformation of myriad lives. In the wrong hands, however, and put to careless, thoughtless, shallow and/or outright vicious use, the media becomes an insidious perpetrator eroding
significant victories scored by human rights activists, gender activists, and such like-minded humanists. The latter trend seems alarmingly on the increase. The recent flowering of tabloid media across the globe is combined with the upsurge of the bold, ubiquitous nature of a seemingly ethics-averse new “citizen” media, especially in the form of You-tube as well as various multifarious and multi-natured blogs, and other such sites.

ISBN: 978-1-920550-40-0
Publisher: Gender Links
Edition: 7th Edition
Year of Publication: 2009
Download : 10439_when_media_becomes_weapon_of_war_against_gender_progress.pdf

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