Curepipe MC COE Institutional Profile

Date: October 7, 2019
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Curepipe is a small town and centrally situation in Mauritius with cool and rainy climatic condition. Curepipe attracts tourists and visitors due to all the places of interest such as Trou aux Cerfs (a dormant volcano) its Botanical Garden and other places of attraction

The Council already had a very good collaboration with GL before the full implementation of the COE programme. An MOU has been signed and several stages of the COE done already. In September 2012, an action plan was prepared.

Curepipe Council has been very active during the 16 Days Campaign since 2012.No wonder that the Municipal Council of Curepipe became the best locality to work with Gender Links in the context of the Centre of Excellence. Now with the Gender neutral quota, the number of women councillors rose from 6.6% to 40%, making the Council an even better model for the region. When the Council has had a gender sensitization training with Gender links, the integration of women is done smoothly.

Women are in non-traditional areas. There are four women who are head of departments namely Finance, welfare, library and administration. The Council has also allocated a budget for the promotion of gender equality as well as a specific budget for GBV activities. A team has been set up to address the issue of GBV. The team is composed of the Mayor, the councillors, the Chief Executive, the Chief Welfare Officer and Heads of Departments. The Welfare Department is responsible for implementing projects and decisions on GBV while the Health Department makes sure that Curepipe is free of gender discrimination through environmental projects.

‘Gender Links made me aware of the link between gender and the environment’ said the Gender Champion, Ms Nisha Chetty.

Concrete Results

  • Action are taken on the complaints
  • There is a suggestion in the different departments and action are taken on the suggestions
  • Anonymous complaints are also dealt with
  • Participation in the 16 days campaign and in cyber dialogues
  • There is a high rate of satisfaction from members of the public
  • People are more responsive to GBV issues
  • Surveillance camera in strategic areas to contain GBV
  • Works in close collaboration with HIV/AIDS organisations to sensitize the community.
  • Stands in markets for women
  • Houses are being leased on housing estates so that vulnerable families can benefit
  • Programmes for the elderly and the handicapped
  • Free transport to women so that they can enjoy recreational activities
  • Grants are given to women association
  • Gymnasium is reserved for women
  • Regular maintenance of streets and street lightings

The Municipal Council of Curepipe is the only locality that has a 24 hour hot line for complaints. Further this is the only Council that has a billboard in front of its building on “365 Days Against Gender Violence” committing the Council to the following:

  • Acknowledge that all people deserve to live in a safe and loving environment
  • Acknowledges that violence and abuse in all forms are serious social problems
  • Acknowledges that preventing violence and abuse should be the Council’s responsibility
  • Commits to educate its citizens about the root causes of violence and all forms of abuse
  • Commits to end the silence about violence and its effect on children women and men
  • Commits to support community organisations working to end all forms of violence and abuse
  • Commits to treat all people with dignity and respect

This locality is at the avant-garde as far as gender is concerned. It is a role model for other localities of Mauritius.

Now with the presence of strong-willed women councillors, the council will undertake more gender sensitive projects. The mayor is determined to open the door for more women participation in the council and more gender aware projects.

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