Mwenezi Rural District Council COE

Date: October 7, 2019
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Fact file
Country Zimbabwe
Province/Region Masvingo
Baseline score  32
Post-2015 score
Population  166,263
Number of women councillors  0
Number of men councillors  18
Joined the COE programme  2019
Anchored Entrepreneurship Programme  No

Mwenezi derives its name from the Mwenezi River, which provides irrigation water to the sugarcane plantations The district is prone to droughts and experiences low mean annual rainfall. The majority of households in Mwenezi depend on agricultural production, like livestock rearing.

The council is a spoke council in the hub and spoke programme for gender mainstreaming in local government.  The council is mentored by Bikita RDC. Mwenezi RDC has established a piped water scheme for water services to the community. Mwenezi is also in the process of developing a gender policy.

 Empowering women, ending violence in Zimbabwe
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