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Date: April 10, 2020
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Fact file
Country Mauritius
Province/Region Pamplemousses
Baseline score  – 2013 32
Latest score – 2015 42 
Population 150,000
Number of women councillors 34
Number of men councillors 128
Joined the COE programme  2011
Anchored Entrepreneurship Programme  No
Summit  2013

The District Council of Pamplemousses joined the COE work in 2011. Despite not working on the entrepreneurship programme, the Council provided a lot of support for the governance work.

The Council’s core values include: preserving and enhancing lifestyle of inhabitants of Pamplemousses District, practice responsible care for the resources, assets and environment, equal access to services to all people, recognising the needs of all groups, commitment to integrity, honesty, impartiality and consistency in decision-making and encouraging creativity and quality innovative services.

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 Empowering women, ending violence in Mauritius

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Download : COE workshop
Download : GBV campaign report
Download : GBV action plan
Download : Consolidation Report
Download : 16819_institutional_case_study_riviere_du_rempart_mc_ga_mauritius.pdf

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