Rivière du Rempart District Council COE Institutional Profile

Rivière du Rempart District Council COE Institutional Profile

Date: October 7, 2019
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“Despite our constraints, we try our best to satisfy our clients’ needs be it women and men”?

Rivière du Rempart is a district of Mauritius, located in the North-East of the island, having an area of 147.6 km. The population estimate was at 108,005 as of 31 December 2015. The Council has always welcomed Gender links for workshops; Gender is mainstreamed in all activities/projects but there is no project specific on gender.  For the last village election, due to the reform of the Local Government Act, there is now an increase in women’ representation in Council. Out of a total of 170 councillors, 48 are women; 2 women only are district Councillors and 8 women on a total of 19 are Chairpersons of Committees. On management level nearly 50% are women.

Since last meeting, the Council has organised talks on GBV and HIV/AIDS in some villages.
They make sure that there is appropriate lighting in well-frequented public places especially at the newly created health track. Mini gyms also have been created in existing social centres

The challenges of the Council include lack of funds seem to be the greatest obstacle to the implementation of projects. Moreover, while the Council has been divided in two separate Councils, administrative procedures have not followed so that there is a decrease in man power and logistics.

Some of the problems encountered by this District Council are common to other District Councils, therefore they should use the common platform “Association of District Councils” (ADC) to lobby with the parent Ministry for more resources. Gender Links facilitate workshops and guide the participants and the management of the council; but as regards to implementation, it is on the onus of the Council.

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