Zaka Rural District Council COE

Date: October 7, 2018
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Fact file
Country Zimbabwe
Province/Region Masvingo
Baseline score 40
Post-2015 score (2020) (58-Green)
Population 181,301
Number of women councillors 7
Number of men councillors 27
Joined the COE programme 2018
Anchored Entrepreneurship Programme No
Summit 2020

Zaka Rural District Council is located in Zimbabwe’s Masvingo Province and is located 86 km southeast from Masvingo in the Ndanga communal land. The village was established in 1923 and lies in a very low-lying area hence the Shona-derived name kwo-ka-zaka which means to where it is going down. The local authority has a website which you can visit to get more information on their operations and activities.

The council is a spoke council in the hub and spoke programme for gender mainstreaming in local government. Zaka RDC is mentored by Bikita RDC.

The council has a gender policy. Zaka RDC has community health clubs. The council has also established a junior council. The council has a gender-based violence male advocate group.


The council participated in its firs ever local government SADC Protocol@Work summit in 2020.

Read the local government SADC Protocol@Work summit report here.

 Empowering women, ending violence in Zimbabwe

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